Introducing Ilu Ilu Mouth Freshener by ZAARAH Herbals, a delectable confectionery born from the essence of tamarind, a tropical fruit originally hailing from Africa and now extensively cultivated across India, as well as various regions in South and Southeast Asia. The crafting of Ilu Ilu tamarind digestive candy is a labor of love, typically involving the gentle simmering of tamarind pulp alongside sugar and an array of other ingredients until they coalesce into a lush, adhesive concoction. This sumptuous mixture is then meticulously poured into molds or meticulously rolled into petite spheres. The outcome manifests in candies that grace us with their round or oval form, boasting a chewy profile characterized by subtle notes of sourness and sweetness. Often, they are adorned with a delicate coating of sugar or other sweeteners, imparting a glossy allure. This candy holds a cherished place in the hearts of many across the globe, celebrated for its distinct flavor and pleasing texture.

Benefits Ilu Ilu Mouth Freshener:

  • Traditionally savored as a digestive aid or as a breath freshener post-meals.
  • Crafted from the bounty of tamarind, a tropical jewel indigenous to Africa, now flourishing in the fertile landscapes of India and diverse regions in South and Southeast Asia.
  • The creation of Ilu Ilu tamarind digestive candy involves the gentle fusion of tamarind pulp with sugar and an array of companions, culminating in a dense, adhesive amalgamation, which is lovingly fashioned into molds or hand-rolled into petite spheres.
  • The end result is a collection of candies, adorned in round or oval finery, presenting a chewy medley of subtle sour and sweet nuances.


  1. Organic jaggery
  2. Tamarind
  3. Chilli powder
  4. Vanilla powder

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Weight 180 g
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