Sugset Rishyagandha Tea Powder

Rishyagandha Diabetes Tea Powder is very effective to control diabetes. It helps to increase insulin and balance the quantity of glucose.


Sugset – Paneer Dodi Phool

These flowers are very effective to control diabetes. The flowers have been crushed into morsels that can be mixed in water more easily.

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Orange Peel Herbal Face Pack is amazing! My skin feels so refreshed and clean after every use

Asma khan

This Lemon Peel Herbal 100g Face Pack product has become my go-to for deep cleaning my skin.


This Amla powder is fantastic for my hair! My hair feels stronger and healthier.

Mangheti Ralte

This Pippali powder has really improved my respiratory health. Highly recommend!

mahummad Altaf

Highly recommend for anyone looking to support their respiratory health.


Ashwagandha root has really boosted my immunity. Feeling stronger and healthier

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