Mouth Freshener, a breath rejuvenator adorned with the enchanting essence of rose water, evoking the cherished memories of the traditional Indian confection known as Shahii Gulab. This delectable elixir is masterfully composed by infusing rose water essence or oil into a liquid canvas, often accompanied by a symphony of additional flavors and ingredients, orchestrating a grand celebration of taste and aroma. Gulab breath freshener is the quintessential choice for your post-meal rituals, poised to orchestrate a harmonious dance of breath refreshment and palate cleansing. It elegantly presents itself in convenient spray or liquid form, offering you a direct pathway to tongue-tingling delight with a swift mouth spray.

 Benefits of Shahi Gulab Mouth Freshener :

  • Your trusted companion for digestive support and post-meal breath revival.
  • Enriched with the delightful essence of rose water, conjuring the fond reminiscences of gulab.
  • Painstakingly composed by infusing rose water essence or oil into a fluid canvas, adorned with complementary flavors and ingredients.
  • Crafted to be your cherished ritual for post-meal breath reinvigoration and palate rejuvenation.


  1. Sugar
  2. Fennel seeds
  3. Sugar-coated saunf (fennel seeds)
  4. Sugar balls

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Weight 180 g
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