Unlock the secret to digestive well-being with our Organic Senna Leaves, a time-tested herbal remedy known for its gentle and effective laxative properties. Harvested from premium organic sources, our Senna Leaves are meticulously selected to ensure the highest quality and purity, providing you with a natural solution to support digestive health.

Experience the natural power of Senna Leave and make them a part of your wellness journey. Prioritize your digestive health with our Organic Senna Leave – the trusted choice for a gentle and effective laxative solution.


1 Treatment of Skin Conditions.

2 Treatment of Skin Infections.
3 Senna for Strong Hair.
4 Great Conditioner.
5 Natural Highlighter.
6 Combats Hair Loss.
7 Senna for Constipation.
8 Great Colon Cleanser.
9 Treatment of Hemorrhoids.
10 Eliminates Intestinal Worms.
11 Provides Relief from Constipation.
12 It has Antioxidant effects.
13 Good for Digestive problems.
14 Parasitic Diseases.
15 Treatment of Indigestion.
16 Antibacterial Properties.
17 Senna Tea for Weight Loss.

18 Treatment of Intestinal Worms.


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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 5 × 15 × 22 cm
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