Kalonji seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that can treat various chronic inflammations. It is known for healing joint pains by providing lubrication between the joints.

Kalonji is flavorful, boasts medicinal properties, and can even be consumed while pregnant. Supplements may benefit your health, but more research is needed. Elevate your culinary experience and well-being with our premium Kalonji, also known as Nigella Seeds. Sourced from high-quality producers, these tiny black seeds are a culinary delight, infusing your dishes with a distinctive flavor while offering a range of healthful benefits.

Benefits of Raw Kalonji

  • It might rich in antioxidants
  • It may help to improve gut health
  • It may contain antibacterial properties
  • It contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • It might help to regulate blood sugar levels
  • It may help lower cholesterol level, protects the liver and prevents ulcers

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 5 × 15 × 22 cm
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