Tini Mini Goli Mouth Freshener, the petite, spherical marvel meticulously forged to breathe new life into your breath and bestow purity upon your oral realm. This dainty delight is the quintessential choice post-meals or whenever your senses crave an infusion of freshness. It stands as a testament to the artistry of nature, a harmonious composition of herbs and essential oils, celebrated for their invigorating and revitalizing attributes.Tini Mini Goli Mouth Fresheners manifest as a miniature explosion of freshness and flavor, standing guard against the incursion of undesirable breath and ushering in a sense of rejuvenation within your oral domain.Their compact dimensions are a testament to their portability, ensuring that a breath-refreshing moment is never more than an arm’s length away, even amidst your most adventurous escapades.

Benefits of Tini Mini Goli:

  • Your trusty companion for fostering digestion and rekindling your breath post-meal.
  • A diminutive, spherical confection engineered to infuse vitality into your breath and purify your oral sanctuary.
  • Tailor-made for those post-meal junctures when an oasis of freshness beckons.
  • Forged from the alchemy of natural ingredients, including the botanical wonders of herbs and essential oils, celebrated for their power to refresh and revitalize.


  1. Sugar-coated aniseeds
  2. Menthol
  3. Permitted food color


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Weight 180 g
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