Mast Elaichi Paan Mouth Freshener By Zaarah Herbals, an embodiment of the captivating cardamom flavor, a fragrant spice deeply rooted in the tapestry of Indian cuisine. This mouthwatering creation is artfully crafted by infusing an assortment of seeds, nuts, and various ingredients with the essence or oil of cardamom. It may also embrace supplementary flavors to elevate its taste and aroma. Elaichi paan mukhwas is a cherished post-meal indulgence, celebrated for its dual role as a digestive companion and breath revitalizer, well-regarded for its rejuvenating and calming attributes. Frequently available in a dry, crisp blend, it is perfect for nibbling or employing as a tool to cleanse the palate and invigorate the breath.

 Benefits of Elaichi Paan:

  • This mouth freshener showcases the aromatic allure of cardamom, a prevalent spice in Indian gastronomy, infusing a delightful flavor.
  • Meticulously crafted through the infusion of an array of seeds, nuts, and other ingredients with cardamom essence or oil.
  • The potential for additional flavors to further enrich the taste and aroma.
  • Typically savored post-meals as a digestive ally and breath rejuvenator.
  1. Dry dates
  2. Cardamom seeds
  3. Areca nut powder
  4. Fennel seeds
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