Dry Green Paan Mouth Freshener By Zaarah Herbals, an exceptional Indian mouth refreshment meticulously crafted from dried betel leaves, skillfully transformed into a fine powder. This distinctive blend is artfully infused with a symphony of sweet and savory ingredients, featuring elements such as coconut, nuts, and spices, and may also incorporate additional enhancements to elevate its taste and aroma. Dry Green Paan Mouth Freshener also available on amazon.

Key Benefits Dry Green Paan:

  • Comprising finely powdered dried betel leaves, it embodies the essence of a unique Indian mouth freshener.
  • Ideal for promoting digestion and revitalizing your breath post-meal.
  • Delicately flavored with a harmonious combination of sweet and savory components, including coconut, nuts, and spices, all enhanced with added elements for an enriched taste and aroma.
  • Acknowledged for its refreshing and soothing properties.
  1. Betel leaf
  2. Dhania dal (coriander seeds)
  3. Rose petal jam
  4. Cardamom powder
  5. Sodium
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