Sugset – Diabetic Tea


This is the priceless gift of nature which is we brought to you by the name ‘Sugset’ (Paneer-ke-phool) purely in original form with a special mantarum on it as per our hereditary custom. This is one kind of the flower which grows in the hilly area of Kashmir Valley & Himalayan mountains. These Ayurvedic flowers are very effective to cure diabetic disease. If very high sugar in blood adopts this formulae of taking Sugest (Paneer-ke-phool) everyday in morning continuously for 15 to 30 days with routine diet. You find the result blood test of sugar after 15 days is very low & further it does not allowed to shoot up sugar in blood. Many people taking benefit from this natural ayurvedic Sugest (Paneer-ke-phool). It is the most effective ayurvedic medicine having no other side effect. By regular use of Paneer-ke-phool the diabetic patient may be cured completely.

Important Suggestion: Count your sugar & Cholesterol level before beginning of this course. You can continued it with your regular Medicines (If you are taking) Count your sugar after 10 days, 20 days & 30 days with consulting with your physician (see the positive result)

1) it is indicated for hepatoprotective function of hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver.
2) It helps in increasing insulin and balances the quantity of glucose.
3) It produces red blood cells and controls metabolism process.
4) It is anti-oxidant and helps in to B cell regeneration.
5) It acts like insulin.