15 Amazing Multani Mitti Face Packs and Masks for Skin Problems

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous 24/7? But if you think that expensive skin care treatments or spa sessions are the only way to achieve glowing and flawless skin, then nature has a surprise for you in the form of multani mitti. Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is a beauty treatment that people in India have been relying on for decades, or perhaps more than that.

Amalaki-Richest Source of Vitamin C

Amalaki is among the richest resources of vitamin C present in nature, with 20 times the number found in an orange. Other antioxidants in Amalaki include bioflavonoids, flavones, polyphenols, and carotenoids.

With regards to digestion disorders, gastrointestinal tract irritation may be reduced, which enhances associated digestion issues. It’s clear that antioxidants are important in maintaining ultimate health. Among the greatest things about anti-oxidants is they’re readily available from natural resources. Likely the most well-known antioxidant is vitamin C.

Want to Lose Weight? Help More Than Dieting

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? It’s a constant struggle we all face, as we resort to various weight loss regimes to shed those unwanted kilos. If you thought following a strict diet was the only way to achieve your weight loss goals, there’s more to it. A new study has found that apart from diets and other regimes to keep us fit and healthy, there are other factors that are involved when it comes to losing weight, particularly gut bacteria. Gut bacteria refers to friendly microorganisms that are present in your stomach which work towards maintaining a healthy gut ecosystem, aiding digestion.

According to the researchers from the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen, the proportion of some gut bacteria may be connected to how much weight a person is able to lose under certain circumstances. This means that a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting is pretty pointless.