About Us

Giving You the Most Beautiful Herbs At Falcon Herbals, we strive to offer you with nothing but the best in quality herbs. We aim to stand by our name. It is our emphasis to beautify the quality of the herbs to the highest of levels.

Established in 1989 in the exotic lands of India, Falcon Herbals, after gaining huge success and recognition there, has now entered the US market. To offer you the benefits of the Indian herbs, we bring to you products directly from India. Rest assured that all our herbs are 100% natural, having never been irradiated to extend shelf life. We give you nature in its purest form!

With almost 28 years of experience in the herbal industry, we have accumulated the best herbal ingredients to use in our products. Not only do we utilize the traditional herbal practices, but we also incorporate the latest scientific techniques to ensure quality and effectiveness in what we offer our customers.

Because we put your health first, we make sure that we stock only the freshest and purest of herbs. Extracted from 100% natural sources, Falcon Herbals provides you with products that are filled with nutrients and minerals that aid in healing your mind and body. Helping to cleanse and regulate the natural chemicals in our bodies, herbs are truly nature’s gift to us!

At Falcon Herbals, our goal is to provide fellow Indian with the best in customer service to win their trust and earn their loyalty. After all, building healthy and a long-lasting vendor-customer relationship is the best way to ensure that we keep on providing you with the highest quality herbal products.